NAMI AACT-NOW! (African American)

AACT-NOW! (African American Community Takes New Outreach Worldwide) is an exciting initiative of NAMI New Jersey to connect with NJ’s African-American families affected by mental illness, mental health consumers, the faith community and mental health professionals to provide culturally competent support, education and advocacy. AACT-NOW! goals are to dispel the misconceptions surrounding mental illness and to create an anti-stigma environment for those seeking treatment.

Program Activities:
  • Formation of an African American Outreach Advisory Group composed of individuals from the African American Community including consumers, family members, clergy, mental health and other professionals.
  • Development of AACT-NOW! – an initiative established to help African American families and those affected by mental illness to promote awareness, provide resources and act as a support system.
  • Community Outreach and Networking (fairs, conferences, festivals, etc.)
  • Development of partnerships and jointly sponsored events.