CAMHOP-NJ (Chinese American Mental Health Outreach Program in NJ)

CAMHOP-NJ (Chinese American Mental Health Outreach Program in NJ) - Copy

NAMI New Jersey, N Brunswick, NJ

CAMHOP (Chinese)

CAMHOP-NJ (Chinese American Mental Health Outreach Program in New Jersey) is a NAMI New Jersey initiative to serve immigrant families of Chinese origin who are affected by mental illnesses, including Chinese immigrants from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, through education, support and advocacy. Our free services include family support groups, referral services, advocacy, community workshops, and educational materials in Chinese. CAMHOP pronounces like “Golden Crane” in Chinese. The crane is a symbol of health and longevity in the Chinese culture.

Program contact: [email protected], (732) 940-0991 ext.109

Four Major Goals of CAMHOP-NJ

• Increase awareness among Chinese immigrants in NJ that mental illness can be treated, and that anyone can be affected by mental illness – there are no barriers based on class, education or background.

• Help Chinese American individuals and families affected by mental illness set up local self-help groups where they learn coping skills through sharing with people with similar experience.

• Provide referral service for Chinese speaking mental health providers to Chinese families and individuals who have limited English skills.

• Help mental health professionals in NJ to be aware of and sensitive to Chinese culture on mental health issues and understand the unique struggles that Chinese American individuals and families face when seeking services.

CAMHOP-NJ compiles a list of psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and facilities providing mental health services in Chinese language in the areas of New Jersey, New York City and Philadelphia. If you are looking for a doctor or specialist in mental health, feel free to contact the professionals on the list. If  you are a provider and would like to be listed, please contact us at [email protected].

CAMHOP-NJ Self-Help Groups

NAMI Connection – Recovery Support Group for people with lived experiences of mental illness

Family-to-Family in Chinese