Resources to Support Inclusivity, Social Justice, Social Consciousness, Humanity in Our Communities (Home, School, Organizations, Businesses)

Resources to Support Inclusivity

Resources for Families, Educators and Pediatric Healthcare Providers, Community Organizations, Employers, Businesses

PGLAG Support Guide: Our Children 2021

This guide focuses on providing support for parents, caregivers, families, and friends of people who are LGBTQ+, with an emphasis on sexual orientation and gender expression. For detailed information specific to gender identity and people who are transgender, please visit to download a free copy of Our Trans Loved Ones.

Name and Gender Change in New Jersey

The materials in this guide are for informational purposes only and are not legal advice or a solicitation for legal services. The reader should not rely upon or act on any information in this guide but should seek legal counsel for his/her individual circumstances. Steps in the Name & Gender Change process are outlined along with sample documents and other

Transgender Student Guidance for School Districts

This guidance was prepared by the New Jersey Department of Education after a review of policies and guidance from other states and organizations, and in consultation with educators, counselors, school psychologists, advocates, and parents. The intention is to provide district administrators to take steps to create an inclusive environment.

DCF Arabic Resources

The New Jersey Department of Children and Families has had five of the infographics translated into Arabic for the Afghan refugee community and other Arabic speaking citizens. 

Pride Advocacy Collective for Teens (PACT)

The Pride Advocacy Collective for Teens (PACT) is a collective of adults who provide care to LGBTQ teens and is guided in creating community, providing mutual support, sharing experiences of learning and practicing skills of advocacy to promote and enhance all aspects of wellness of young people, families, and the greater community. 

NAMI AACT-NOW! (African American) - Copy

AACT-NOW! (African American Community Takes New Outreach Worldwide) is an exciting initiative of NAMI New Jersey to connect with NJ’s African-American families affected by mental illness, mental health consumers, the faith community and mental health professionals to provide culturally competent support, education and advocacy.

Resources when working with LGBTQIA Individuals

This resource provides links to counseling, suicide prevention, COVID-19, support for families and summer camps, faith based organization supports, transition, health, support, websites recommended for schools, and information for training opportunities.

January 22, 2021  

Report BIAS CRIME Online

Report Bias Crime online or call 1-800-277-BIAS (2427)
A statewide toll-free telephone referral system for individuals who feel they are targets of bias crime.
If an emergency situation Dial 9-1-1