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To combat hunger, New Jersey helps individuals and families with lower incomes with the cost of groceries through NJ SNAP (NJ Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). The maximum monthly SNAP benefit for an individual in New Jersey is $192 and for a family of three is $505. These benefits can be used at food retail stores and many farmers’ markets to make it easier to afford food and avoid food insecurity. As of March 2019, approximately 700,000 New Jerseyans benefit from SNAP.

How to apply?

There are many ways to submit an application, get help filling out an application or to learn more about SNAP. New Jerseyans can:

• Apply online in English or Spanish at

• Apply in-person at a local county social services agency 

• Mail or fax a paper application (available here:

How soon are benefits available?

The county will conduct an eligibility interview shortly after receiving the application and determine eligibility within 30 days. Once approved, benefits will be issued on an electronic benefits card and loaded each month with additional funds. If a household needs help sooner and has very limited income, they may be eligible for expedited benefits within 7 days.

Murphy Administration SNAP Improvements

The Murphy Administration has taken action to increase access to SNAP benefits by:

• Expanding SNAP eligibility for community college students .

• Increasing SNAP benefits for over 27,000 SNAP households that receive SSI by an average of $98 a month .

• Applying to the federal government for a waiver to simplify SNAP enrollment for older New Jerseyans.

• Seeking and receiving federal waivers to ensure continued SNAP benefits for eligible working-age individuals living in areas with high unemployment.

SNAP Outreach

New Jersey’s SNAP outreach partners, The Community Food Bank of New Jersey and Fulfill NJ , conduct targeted outreach to specific groups including older residents, individuals with disabilities, working families and immigrants. SNAP outreach workers attend community events, visit local food pantries and senior centers, and work across the state to inform individuals and families about SNAP and assist with submitting applications. SNAP-Education SNAP-Education provides information, resources and education about healthy food choices and leading more active lives. Through community organizations, SNAP eligible and enrolled families are able to receive assistance with finding, buying and preparing healthier foods on a limited budget. New Jersey SNAP-Ed partners also conduct nutrition, cooking classes and trainings in various community sites for parents, seniors, and children while also helping to promote physical activity. Visit for more information.

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Last Updated: 05/31/19