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The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

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The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

The Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists was established in 1977 to support professionals working in the field of driver education / driver training and transportation equipment modifications for persons with disabilities through education and information dissemination. 

ADED is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting safe, independent mobility for persons with disabilities. The group provides education and support for professionals working in the field of driver education, driver training, and transportation equipment modifications, and offers a specialty certification program for those interested in becoming a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS). Established in 1977, ADED is the primary professional organization in this specialized area.

ADED Members:

Drawing from a wealth of caregiving fields, ADED members include occupational, physical, kinesio and speech-language therapists, driver education specialists, and equipment manufacturers/ dealers, as well as rehabilitation and vocational professionals. Their tax deductible membership* fee entitles them to the following: 

  • A professional certification program
  • A listing in the ADED Member Directory, a great source of business referrals, searchable by state
  • Reduced Annual Conference and Workshop Fees
  • Quarterly newsletters
  • Ongoing education and qualifying CEUs (classroom and online) on new developments in the driver rehabilitation field
  • Advertising and promotional opportunities in the quarterly newsletter, website and conference materials
  • A professional network – affiliation with hundreds of people involved in making the world accessible for the physically challenged
  • Awards and scholarships

Driver rehabilitation specialists work with people of all ages and abilities, exploring alternative transportation solutions for drivers with special needs.


1) Conduct a thorough evaluation of abilities and limitations

2) Provide driver remediation and training

3) Work closely with mobility equipment dealers to achieve optimum vehicle fit

Driver rehabilitation specialists are professionals with backgrounds in health care and/or driver education, and have completed additional training and education in the field of driver rehabilitation. The most knowledgeable of the specialists are Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists.

Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists

The CDRS certificate is the accepted benchmark for quality in driver rehabilitation services. ADED provides practitioners with high quality training and is the only organization to offer the driver rehabilitation specialty certification designation. Candidates who have successfully passed the certification examination will earn credentials designating them as a CDRS. There are currently about 350 active CDRS in the US and Canada. For more information on how to become a CDRS, including eligibility requirements, go to

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