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Serenity at Summit

Serenity at Summit is an integrative medically modeled detoxification program. the state-of-the-art 40-bed residential detox facility provides our clients expert clinical care for their substance abuse disorders. Treatment is provided with private, personalized comfort in a stress-free, nurturing environment. Our unique holistic program utilizes the latest research-based pharmacological and psychotherapeutic techniques to alleviate detoxification symptoms while addressing the complex emotional issues of recovery. 

Serenity at Summit offers holistic drug and alcohol detox and residential addiction care for clients in New Jersey and Massachusetts. Our residential detoxification and inpatient rehab centers go beyond treating addiction by nurturing each client’s mind, body and spirit.

We use proven holistic addiction treatment techniques and bring them together with a relaxing, upscale environment to help clients realize positive growth and change. When left untreated, substance abuse can lead to long term physical and emotional issues. Our holistic and medically supervised detox program acts as the first step in total recovery from all drug and alcohol abuse and addictions. We also treat the complex mental and emotional issues that arise with clients during detox and addiction recovery. Detox graduates then go on to inpatient care at our residential facility or begin their outpatient treatment, depending on the individuals needs at that time.

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Last Updated: 03/31/17